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By going to, you will be able to have access on the US Government Information System, which is specifically intended for the users of this US Government web portal. The page will inform you that the US government could monitor and intercept within the communications on the Information System on this website in order to prevent any personal misconduct relating to the network operations of the website, as well as on the law enforcement and defense.

The interception is also to prevent penetration testing by some fraudulent users and to avoid any interruption on the counterintelligence investigation. Basically, the information you will provide on is not private and might be subjected to interception, monitoring and search and must be disclosed only for the authorized use of the website. So here’s a guide on using the web portal.

Using the Marine Corps Official Website

First of all, you need to access the website by typing in the URL on your browser’s address bar. You will immediately be taken to a page about the terms and agreement of using the website and as soon as you click on the accept button, you will be taken to the login page of the site. On this page, you will be asked to enter your username and your password to be able to access the features of the site and make use of all the functions of the web portal.

Registering for an Account

If you do not have any account with yet, you will be asked to register. In order to register, you will just click on the link that says “Register here”. You will then be taken to the registration page of the site and you will have to provide your personal information on the fields, such as your first name and last name. For those who have “Sr.”, “Jr.” and II, they will need to provide this generational qualifier beside their last name. After that, you will have to provide your Social Security Number (SSN) on the space provided. Take note that there should not be any hyphens or spaces in between your SSN. After you have provided your SSN and other important details, you will also be asked to provide your birth date before you could finally register for an account at

Other Information Needed

Before you can fully register for an account, you will first be asked to key in your pay entry base date as well as your primary military occupational specialty. You will also be asked to enter your phone number, and make sure that you give them a valid contact number because they will use this to contact you if ever you will encounter any problems and other difficulties while registering for an account at

The final part in registering for an account on the web portal is to provide a unique password which you will be asked to re-enter in order to verify. At the bottom of the page, you will be asked to choose a security question so in case you forget your password, you will still be able to retrieve it. And finally, hit the submit button and you are now registered at the

Applying For US Marine Corps Jobs

With the economy shifting to a more temporary form of employment for most people, applying for US Marine Corps jobs is becoming a more common way of ensuring job security in a world that simply is not secure. It’s true that most jobs in the Marine Corps will keep you employed for at least 2 to 4 years, give you all the health benefits that you would want, and also give you a decent salary. However, before you apply for any of the jobs that you find on the US Marine Corps site, you need to know what you should expect about the application process.

Do I Need To Enlist?

The first thing that you should know about applying for a job through the US Marine Corps is that you will have to enlist in the army, specifically the Marine Corps, in order to get any of the jobs you see on the site. These are not civilian jobs, and that means that you will have to be a member of the army for a set amount of time in order to get the job that you want. You will have to pass basic training, and you will have to pass boot camp. If you are alright with enlisting in the army, then you should know a little bit more about the perks of the jobs available in the US Marine Corps.

What Are Salaries Like?

Salaries in the US Marine Corps are great. You can expect anywhere between $20,000 and $150,000 per year as a member of the US Marine Corps, depending on what job you apply for. Many of the jobs that the Corps offer will offer free training for you to become adept at the job before you actually start working on the field. Other jobs, such as Marine Corps doctors and surgeons, may need a Bachelor’s Degree, a professional degree, or a Ph.D in order for you to get that job. However, the army does allow you to get a degree using military funds if you qualify for certain programs.

It’s Lifelong

Once you have joined the US Marine Corps, you will have to go through basic training, then apply for a job through either your higher up in the Corps, or through the Marine Corps website. The best thing about joining the Marines is that it can be a lifelong career choice if you want it to be, so enlist as soon as you can. You will never find a job that is more secure than the Marines.

Be Familiar with USMC Ranks

If you are about to embark on the US Marine Corps’ initial training, you should be aware of the USMC ranks. This is one of the requirements that you have to obtain to be able to pass the 13-week initial training, also called US Marines boot camp.

You also have to memorize the order of the USMC ranks. This is important, a requirement, and would also get you out of trouble by being able to recognize the chain of command.

USMC Ranks

USMC ranks is consisted of the enlisted personnel, warrant officers and commissioned officers.

• Enlisted Personnel

Enlisted personnel are considered the core of the US Marine Corps. They are the personnel responsible for defending the Constitution – responsible in leading the troop in defending the Constitution of the United States.

The ranks are listed below in an ascending order:

o Private
o Private First Class
o Lance Corporal
o Corporal
o Sergeant
o Staff Sergeant
o Gunnery Sergeant
o Master Sergeant
o First Sergeant
o Master Gunnery Sergeant
o Sergeant Major
o Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps

• Warrant Officers

Warrant officers provide training to the Marines. They are responsible for molding the Marines to be skilled in their specialization.

The USMC ranks of Warrant officers are as follows:

o Warrant Officer
o Chief Warrant Officer 2
o Chief Warrant Officer 3
o Chief Warrant Officer 4
o Chief Warrant Officer 5

• Commissioned Officers

Commissioned officers are holders of a collegiate degree who have received and acknowledged their rank by the appointment of the US President. They are responsible in leading the Marines in defending the Constitution.

The list below is the list of commissioned officers USMC ranks in an ascending order:

o Second Lieutenant
o First Lieutenant
o Captain
o Major
o Lieutenant Colonel
o Colonel
o Brigadier General
o Major General
o Lieutenant General
o General

US Marines Boot Camp – Getting Into the Marines

Individuals who want to be part of the Marines are being sent to the US Marines boot camp. This 13-month boot camp is considered the hardest and most difficult training that any person could ever go through. Because of the tougher physical fitness test and other requirements that trainees have to pass, the US Marines boot camp is both physically and mentally challenging.

Trainees should do strenuous work almost non-stop. They should also memorize huge amount of information such as creeds, orders and hymns during their brief breaks. And even though there are non-training days on US Marines boot camp, trainees still need to do a lot of work and memorization. There is no real break in this initial training of the Marines.

US Marines Boot Camp

• Receiving

Form the moment trainees have stepped down from the bus, they have to go train instantly. The Recruit Receiving will take a few days to make the trainees used to the strenuous work that they would do for a good seventy days.

This is only the beginning of the training but workouts are already involved in the routine to make sure that the recruits are apt for the training ahead. This is also the stage where trainees will be evaluated through medical screening.

• Basic Training – Forming

The basic training on the US Marines boot camp comprises of the physical and mental training, rifle training and field training. This is when the trainees will meet their instructors and start the Forming that would last for three to five days.

• Pay

Trainees are obliged to open a new bank account to receive their pay during their initial training. They are not allowed to receive their pay on any existing bank account, like in other services. The payment to the trainees will be received during the first and fifteenth day of the month.

If the pay day falls on non-duty day, the pay will be sent on the preceding duty day.Now that you know the details of the US Marines boot camp, it’s up to you if you want to undergo it. Login and Sign Up

The login page is where authorized members of the portal can log in to have access to information that is only available to selected individuals. Only authorized personnel working for the US Government are allowed to have access to the login page and only US Marines Corps members whom the USG have authorized can access the portal and access the files that are in the site.

If you want to register to the website to be able to access the files and monitor the information system of the government, you can do the following steps.

Signing Up and Logging in to

• Requirements

You will need to have a fast Internet connection to access the site. Because only knowledgeable people are authorized to access the website, you need to learn how to access the site properly.

• Sign Up

If you decided that you want to register so that you can access the website, you should first go to and accept the terms and conditions on the page. You will then be taken to the login page.

You can sign up at the page by clicking the ‘register’ option. You will have to provide the following to be able to sign up:

o Full Name
o Social Security Number
o Birthday, Zip Code and City
o Password and Security Answer
o Specialty in Military
o Contact Number of Your Work

• Log In

After you have sent your application, you will be able to access the website once approved. You can go to login page to be able to log in whenever you want.

All the information that is accessible in this website is important. That is why the US Government is also monitoring the transactions that are being performed in the website. Individuals who have registered and logged into the login page should be responsible for their actions.

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